Tuesday, July 13, 2010

2010 WC Report

We finished our last WC test early July. Our Wc's are always a fun event where you can compete with your dog have dinner and enjoy the company on a week night.

Thank you to our Chair Jill Richardson for organizing the trials, Jeanne Barrett as our Secretary/Marshall and to our gunners Bruce Kelly, Pete Wyckoff, Ray Bester, Peter Ferrin, Chris Bayles, Skip Snow and our food organizers, Llyod Jarvis, Susie Bell, Margo Nielson and Roxanne and to everyone who stepped in to help out.
Congrats to our members who got titles this summer:
Pauline & Tullamore Annee Oak Lee WC
Dave & MacCupar of Fife WC
Will & Montawk's General Curry WC
Alana & Tullamore Gunsablazing WCI
Pat & B-Line's Autumn Rush WCI
Chris & B-Line's Little Miss Sunshine WCX
Jeanne & Gowans Speed Trap WC
Will & Mantauks General Curry WCI
Susie & Pinebank Tannerforge Nacho Man WCI
Barry & Wimberways UR Kodiak WCI
Barry & Wimberways Tallulaa Theron WCI

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