Monday, July 13, 2009

July 9th WC Test

The last of our WC tests for the year was held last week and went without a hitch other than a few bee stings and some entertainment from a couple of kaykers :0) We also finally had some good weather.

Thanks again to Jill Richardson for chairing the events and to Jeanne Barrett for doing the Secretary work. Margo Neilson put on a nice dinner and Chris Plouffe, Chris Bayles and Marc Comtois did all the gunning. Thanks to our judges, Pat Van Bregt, Pete Wyckoff, Shelly Blom and Jerry Kroetsch.

The following are the dogs that passed:


Rowansgaard Roserale de Latty
Cedarnook Chachalaka

Ebenezers Erebus Enchantress
Red WC JH handled by Dan Whitmore
Montauk bays Sensational Sage handled by Matt Moser

Ebenezers Link to Jerryru
Skeetercreeks Bustin Beaks WCI handled by Tom Robbins
Treasurehunting at Jerryru
Quinleighblu Chance encounter

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